Next Generation Endpoint Management for Android Enterprise

PAYG, No Commitment, Google Play Managed, AI Ready on Google Cloud

Android fleet

Why choose WizyEMM?

Configure a device 10 times faster than any other EMM

  • Pay as you go / no commitment
  • Competitive pricing
  • A single agent for all Version
  • Easy and Intuitive / plug & play
  • Very fast enrollment (< than 1 min)
  • Simple supervision
  • Fully Android Enterprise integrated
  • No training required
  • Low TCO


  • “Customized solution developed by Wizy for Chronopost. Deployment of 9000 mobile devices in 4 weeks with synchronization of field data in real time. Operational maintenance module tailored to the business of transport and delivery. Control and security of a fleet of Zebra terminals running Android Enterprise.
  • zebra Chronopost
Control Android Devices


  • Enroll your devices in less than 1 minute
low cost

Low Cost

  • Monthly pay as you go
  • Only pay for what you consume